AASHTO guide specifications for LRFD seismic bridge design

AASHTO guide specifications for LRFD seismic bridge design

نویسنده : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

  • سال : 2011
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AASHTO guide specifications for LRFD seismic bridge design

section 1. Introduction -- section 2. Definitions and notation -- section 3. General requirements -- section 4. Analysis and design requirements -- section 5. Analytical models and procedures -- section 6. Foundation and abutment design -- section 7. Structural steel components -- section 8. Reinforced concrete components -- References -- Appendix A: Foundation-rocking analysis -- Appendix B: Design flowcharts.; Covers seismic design for typical bridge types and applies to non-critical and non-essential bridges. Approved as an alternate to the seismic provisions in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. Differs from the current procedures in the LRFD Specifications in the use of displacement-based design procedures, instead of the traditional force-based R-Factor method. Includes detailed guidance and commentary on earthquake-resisting elements and systems, global design strategies, demand modeling, capacity calculation, and liquefaction effects. Capacity design procedures underpin the Guide Specifications' methodology; includes prescriptive detailing for plastic hinging regions and design requirements for capacity protection of those elements that should not experience damage

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